U-Block Grease Distributors

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1.U-Block distributors are specially designed for use in progressive lubrication systems. Several outlet configurations are available that allow the divider valve to be tailored to desired lubrication specifications. Crossport bars are also available to provide double volume discharge where needed.

2.A typical U-Block distributor can provide4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 friction points. The U-Block distributor discharge is 0.

3ml/cyc. Please note that the progressive distributor outlet cannot be blocked, otherwise the progressive distributor will not function. 3.Apply temperature : -10°C~+60°C 4.Manifold Material :Aluminum alloy 5.Applicable medium use Grease : NLGI 000#~1#.”

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Type  Oil outlet 
U-6 4
U-6 6
U-8 8
U-10 10
U-12 12


Inlet  Outlet  Discharge capacity (ml/cyc) Operating pressure (Mpa) Install hole distance intall thread  Size of U Block 
Rp 1/4(6mm ) Rp1/8 (4mm ) 0.3 15Mpa for grease  45*54 2-M6 59*68*51.5


Operating pressure : 3Mpa for oil or 15Mpa for grease Discharge : 0.3ml/cyc
Lubricant viscosity (under standard temperature): oil≥N68,

Grease : NLGI 000#~1#. Ambient temperature : -10°C~+60°C

Max work frequency (with stem) : 60cyc/min Max work frequency (without stem) : 200cyc/min Outlet : 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12
Tubing: Outlet: Φ6mm length: 0.5~2.5m

Inlet: Φ8mm length: 1.2~3.5m Manifold Material : aluminum alloy


Each divider valve has a number of pistons that forces the lubricant out of the valve and divides the volume of lubricant equally. When the system is pressurized, pistons are positively displaced in sequence until the cycle is complete, with lubricant being discharged from each outlet. U-Block divider valves will continue to cycle as long as lubricant is being delivered from the pump.

USE FOR Progressive Lubrication System(PRG)
Progressive lubrication systems consist of a lubricator, progressive distributors, pipeline accessories and controllers. Features include: accurate metering of volume depending on piston diameter and stroke, easy installation, adjustment and maintenance. The PRG system is widely used in mining, steel mills, metallurgy, vehicles, harbors, construction machinery and other industries. The lubricant used is from NLGI-000 toNLGI-2, while system pressure ranges from 20 to 45Mpa. The filter element is 150μ.The progressive distributor is divided into two kinds of distributors: a center progressive distributor and a model progressive distributor. There is a choice of segment combinations, effectively ranging from periodic to near continuous lubrication.
Advantages: Precise discharge – All points can be fed and monitor individually – Trouble free installation – Easily pinpoints system issues

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