Tube Clamp

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Tubing Clamp/Lubrication Pump Unilateral or double side  Fixing Accessories/4MM Or 6MM Tubing Clamp

Product name: fixed pipe clamp
Material: galvanized steel
Application areas: copper/aluminum/nylon tubing, etc.
Tubing fixation: performance advantages
Reliable strength and firmness

Working Temperature :-10℃-70℃

Product Detail

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C lubricating oil pipe clamp, iron pipe clamp, nylon tube/trachea tube clamp, tubing compression sheet, multiple pipe clamps

Product name: metal double pipe clamp (as follow )
Product material: polypropylene nylon, aluminum

Type  Type  Tube outdia  Clamp pipe number 
e1 PCB-6-1 Ø6 1 tube
PCB-6-2 2 tube
PCB-6-3 3 tube
PCB-6-4 4 tube
PCB-8-1 Ø8 1 tube
PCB-8-2 2 tube
PCB-8-3 3 tube
PCB-8-4 4 tube
PCB-10-1 Ø10 1 tube
PCB-10-2 2 tube
PCB-10-3 3 tube
PCB-10-4 4 tube
PCB-12-1 Ø12 1 tube
PCB-12-2 2 tube
PCB-12-3 3 tube
PCB-12-4 4 tube
 Product name: metal Unilateral Tubing Clamp (as follow )   
  Type  Tube outdia  Clamp pipe number 
 e2 PC-4-1 Ø4 1 tube
PC-4-2 Ø4 2 tube
PC-4-3 Ø4 3 tube
PC-4-4 Ø4 4 tube
PC-6-1  Ø6 1 tube
PC-6-2 Ø6 2 tube
PC-6-3 Ø6 3 tube
PC-6-4 Ø6 4 tube
PC-8-1 Ø8 1 tube
PC-10-1 Ø10 1 tube

Application areas:

Used in the hydraulic system of metallurgy, petrochemical, engineering machinery, ships and other machinery to fix pipelines with oil, water and gas as the medium
Performance advantages: durable and not easy to rust
Remarks: The surface of the pipe clamp is galvanized, other surface treatments can be selected according to customer requirements.

Our company can design and produce or use other materials and pipe diameters according to customer requirements

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