RH Oil Pressure Volumetric Distributor

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RH volumetric distributor, stores oil when the system is pressurized, and be oiling when the system is depressurized. This series can quantitatively deliver the lubricating oil to each lubrication point according to the specified main oil quantity specification.
RH series have two outlets, three outlets, four outlets, five outlets, and four outlet ports. They are widely used in lubrication systems for printing, plastics, packaging, cnc machine and other mechanical equipment..

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The Specifications And Technical Parameters

Model No. Outlet  Oil Standard Working Pressure (Mpa) *Discharge Oil Size Mark Outsize
1 2 3 4 L A
 Oil flow (ml/time) /Mark 
RH-3200 2way  32-1300cst 1.0-2.0 0.1/10 0.2/20 0.3/30 0.4/40 39 49
RH-3300 3way  54 64
RH-3400 4way  72 82
RH-3500 5way  84 94

•The volumetric distributor is a pressure-reducing action type,the pressure oil delivered by the lubrication pump pushes the piston in the metering part, and the oil is stored in the chamber, and the indicator rod is extended. When the system is unloaded, under the action of the spring, the piston forcibly pressed the oil from chamber to the lubrication point, and the indicator rod is retracted.

•The system must be operated intermittently and the lubrication pump must have an unloading function.

•Each working cycle for Lubrication pump, oil outlet only oil one time, and the distance between the measuring parts are far, near, high, low, lying or loaded have no effect on the displacement.

1st >> The oil which sent by the lubrication pump is injected by the main pipe A,

2nd >> umbrella-shaped two-way valve B is pushed upward and through the passage C flows into the piston chamber F.

3rd >>Under the action of the pressure oil, the metering piston moves downward, and the spring G is compressed and accumulated, and the oil is stored and start metering .

4th >>When the oil pressure in the main pipe A is released (pressure released), the umbrella valve B moves downward due to the pressure , and spit the exit E, so that the metering oil in the piston enters the oil pipe H through the discharge port E, and the oil is delivered to the lubrication station,

5th >>the signal pin protrudes when metered, and retracted when supply oil to the lubrication station



Our products are widely used in lubrication system devices in the following industries:
1, Metal processing cutting equipment
2, 3C equipment
3, Wood equipment
4, Sheet metal equipment
5, Automation
6, Molding equipment
7, Fastener equipment
8,Textile equipment
9, Paper printing food packaging equipment
10, Elevator
11,Construction machinery

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