• Chain lubricating small brush

    Chain lubricating small brush

    Lubricant Brush

    Good helper for chain lubrication

    Complete specifications for oil discoloration prevention and oil cooling

    Name: Small brush 

    Material: nylon brush head/aluminum alloy brush body

    Structure: bristles + body
    Applicable temperature: -10°C-70°C
    Application field: Lubricate the chain regularly





  • Hoses, Tubes And Fittings

    Hoses, Tubes And Fittings

    All necessary tubing, hoses, fittings and fastening material are available to meet your system requirements.
    Tubes are available in several sizes and materials ranging from steel, stainless steel, and copper to plastic (PA). To save your time when installing your own systems, plastic tubes are even available pre-filled with grease.
    Fittings are also available in several sizes, materials and series (light to heavy). For easy installation, we have special Quicklinc push-in type fittings that can be used with plastic tubes.

  • Central Lubrication System Tube  Series

    Central Lubrication System Tube Series

    PA11 nylon tubing  Lubricating oil pipe /white nylon pipe/lathe lubrication plastic oil pipe. )machine tool oil pipe CNC machine tool tubing corrosion resistant transparent high pressure lubricating oil tubing 

    We supply PA11 nylon tubing ,aluminum pipe  , T2 copper

    Size :4mm /6mm/8mm

    Special reminder: The size marked on the copper tube is outer diameter * wall thickness. The unit is Meter

    Quantity: The copper tubes are all pure copper, with 99.9% T2 material, quality assurance, and detectable! ! !


  • Grease Filter

    Grease Filter

    A grease filer is an important unit to purify the lubricant of whole system, by which the lube points get clean grease. At the same time, the pump unit, divider and other units in system are protected from contaminated grease damaging

    we normal install the grease  filter on  the progressive centralized lubrication system.

    Model No. Product code Standard Pressure (Mpa) Filtration accuracy Inlet /outlet thread Grease scope
    GLF 1-110501     25 100μm Rp1/4 NIGI 000-2#
    ELS 2-110501 150μm



  • Tube Clamp

    Tube Clamp


    Tubing Clamp/Lubrication Pump Unilateral or double side  Fixing Accessories/4MM Or 6MM Tubing Clamp

    Product name: fixed pipe clamp
    Material: galvanized steel
    Application areas: copper/aluminum/nylon tubing, etc.
    Tubing fixation: performance advantages
    Reliable strength and firmness

    Working Temperature :-10℃-70℃

  • Spring Sheath Use For Oil lubrication system

    Spring Sheath Use For Oil lubrication system

    • Name: Spring tubing protective sleeve
    • SIZE: 4MM 6MM 8MM
    • Medium: bending and durable
    • Material: high quality steel wire

    High strength, stable elasticity, good hardness, full density without gaps, a single 30 cm can be upright following the movement of the wire-carrying guide of the use equipment, which can effectively protect the tubing from high temperature cutting and abrasion.


  • PV/PVS Resistance Distributor( For Resistance System )

    PV/PVS Resistance Distributor( For Resistance System )

    Product name: zinc alloy oil drain (adjustable)
    Specifications: as follows
    Material: zinc alloy
    Color: silver black

    This dispenser is made of high-quality zinc alloy precision die-casting.

    It has the characteristics of light weight, good strength, beautiful appearance, and not easy to rust.

    All holes are connected with M8x1 or M10x1 threads. There are many specifications for you to choose.


  • MO MG Pressurized Quantitative Oil/Grease Type (Volumetric Type)

    MO MG Pressurized Quantitative Oil/Grease Type (Volumetric Type)

    Product Name: Quantitative Pressure Metering Parts

    Product model: MO MG Product

    Material: copper material

    Product Origin: Zhejiang

    Product features: quantitative oil direct action type -

    The diameter of the oil outlet of the metering part is Ø4. -Oil inlet Thread Can choose R1/8 ,M8*1 ,Oil Outlet Thread Size M8*1 ,Match 4mm oil pipe .

    Principle: Fix flow rate to lubrication part every time. Not affected by oil viscosity and oil pumping
    The length of time affects the flow rate.
    Scope: suitable for working pressure in 15-30kgf/cm2 volume type periodic lubrication system
    Model: It composes multiple oil outlets with Type A oil separator, each outlet can be different
    Remarks: The oil outlet of this distributor is M8X1, and the oil inlet is M8X1 thread R1/8 thread

  • FHA FHB FHC Meter Units (For Resistance System )

    FHA FHB FHC Meter Units (For Resistance System )

    Meter units FHA FHB FHC are oil proportioning devices for single line resistance cyclic systems
    Each outlet of a Lubricating system is controlled by a meter unit. The lubricator in the system dispenses oil to the distribution network and meter unnits deliver this oil in varyting amounts to the friction points .
    1.Working Pressure:0.2-2Mpa (2-20kgf/cm2)
    2.Oil Viscosity (40c ): 20-500cst
    3.Flow Rate :The flow will be multiplied via serial number sequenc.
    4.FHA connected to PV/PVS distributor. FHB connector to equipment lubrication point .