LSG 500CC/800CC hand grease pump

Short Description:

LSG Type Grease Hand Pump is a Plunger type lubrication pump ,can directly lubricate grease
also can be distributed to each lubrication point by proportion or quantitatively by distributor.
Suitable for lubrication of small and medium sized mechanical equipment,Such as machine tool ,
spinning machine,Plastic machinery ,engineering machinery ,wood working machinery ,packing machinery and forging machinery etc.

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Principle: The grease is sent to the oil separator through the reciprocating operation of the handle to distribute the grease to each lubrication point.

Advantages:small and light, strong durability.

Uses :Widely used in various mechanical equipment.

Remarks: This pump has only one M10*1 (6mm tubing) oil outlet.


TYPE  OUTPUT  CAPACITY Press Max (MPa)  Apply grease 
LSG-05 2CC/CY (2ML/MIN) 500 CC 10MPa 0# 00# 00#
LSG-08 2CC/CY (2ML/MIN) 800 CC 10MPa


Hand-operated Greasp pump, each discharge volume 2CC/effective capacity 500CC/800CC ,maximum pressure 10MPa
1.Apply grease 0# 00# 00# .
2. Filling oil must be free of impurities
3. In order to avoid impurities, If you want to add grease to the oil storage cylinder, the most reasonable method is to fill the grease gun with grease, and then aim at the grease gun filling port to inject the grease into the oil cylinder. If there is no grease gun, unscrew it first The protective cap, then unscrew the oil storage cap and gently pull out the piston in the oil storage cylinder to add grease to the oil storage cylinder. (This way must be sure grease no impurities!!)
Performance and characteristics

* The oil pressurization block is adopted for vacuum oil suction, operation is simple and convenient, and adjustment valve is used toprevent overpressure of the lubricating pump.

* The manual depressurized valve is provided. When the pressure reaches the adjustment valves, pressure is unloaded manually.

Pressure fuel gut-off,toggle handle to figure 2state can take off the pressure.

* The device can be used with the (models BTG/BFG) volumetric distributor, and exhausting valve is provided to clear air in the pumpto ensure barrierfree oil drainage. The oil outlet is located at the left and right sides of the pipeline, and butter is flled manually orelectrically with sprayer gun.

Factory Introduce :Jiaxing Jianhe Material Co., Ltd is mainly engaged in developing, designing and manufacturing centralized lubrication system, automatic lubrication system, grease lubrication system, oil lubrication system, oil-air lubrication system.

The main products are automatic lubrication pump, electric lubrication pump, pneumatic lubrication pump, manual lubrication pump, grease pump, progressive lubrication system, quantitative lubrication system, resistant lubrication system, progressive distributor, quantitative distributor, pipe connector, metering unit, high pressure nylon hose, high pressure pipe etc.

These products are widely used in robot, cutting machine tools, forging machine, plastic machine, CNC machine tools, construction machinery, vehicles, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery and other industrial machinery.”

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