HTD Series Electric Lubrication Pump

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HTD Series electric lubrication pump is a gear pump, reasonable structure,excellent performance, wide range of application,the self-priming performance is strong, high volumetric efficiency,can use lubricating oil with viscosity between 20~2000cst. Its oil tank volume has three specifications of 2 liters, 3 liters and 4 liters.The pump has a level switch. According to different uses, pressure switch can also be configured, connected to the programmer on the pump. It can also be connected to the user’s main device program controller system,Can achieve the oil level in the oil tank,oil pressure monitoring system,as well as the equipment lubrication cycle.

HTD Series electric lubricating pumps can form a PDI lubrication system with a quantitative oil injector (PDI) to perform quantitative oil injection lubrication on each lubrication point; it can also form an SLR lubrication system with a metering part (MU) to perform proportional oil lubrication on each lubrication point; or Progressive distributor (PRG) constitutes the PRG lubrication system.

HTD series of electric lubrication pumps can be widely used in the centralized lubrication system of various equipment such as machine tools, plastic machinery, textile machinery, light industry machinery, printing machinery, escalators and transportation machinery.

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(2).Technical parameters and performance

Motor rated speed


Motor Power

Standard pressure

Max pressure

No-load flow

Volumetric efficiency

oil viscosity

Filtration accuracy

Oil tank volume













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  Note: For motor voltage, please refer to the voltage label in the electric lubrication pump.


(3).Appearance and installation dimensions


(4).Product features

  1. The oil pump is equipped with a single-phase motor, all with thermal protection devices.
  2. The motor, liquid level switch and pressure switch can be connected to the programmable controller on the pump or the programmable control system on the user’s main equipment to realize automatic control of the lubrication function.
  3. When using quantitative oiler (PDI), the running time is controlled by the pressure switch, and the stop time can be set and controlled by the program control system.

4. When using measuring parts (MU), the opening and stopping time can be set and controlled by the program control system.


High-quality controller

●The system can set four PLC working modes, which are in line with resistance type (SLR) and volume type (PDI)

Progressive (SRG) and pulse (PULES) centralized lubrication system requirements can be set according to machine lubrication requirements.

●The indicator light on the panel can display the working status, abnormal status and stop status of the lubrication pump. .The ●PLC controller has a self-protection function, which automatically restores memory after an abnormal power failure or failure. Four-pole motor

The oil pump motor can run continuously. The single-phase motors have thermal protection devices.
The 4-stage motor is more stable. The rated speed is 1350r/min. The low-speed motor makes the lubrication pump have a longer service life.

Abnormal output

With liquid level switch and pressure switch (optional), When the oil quantity and pressure are insufficient, the abnormal signal can be output and the


Excellent workmanship, high precision gear pump head, volumetric efficiency above 75%, The noise is less than 68 decibels regardless of whether it is under pressure.

relief valve

An overflow valve is provided to protect the lubrication pump and pipeline from damage due to excessive pressure.

Unloading valve

In the volumetric system, there is a pressure relief device that can be used with the quantitative oil injector.

Exhaust valve

Equipped with exhaust valve, it can be quickly lubricated when there is air in the pipeline. Lubrication pump presses quickly and pumps oil quickly.

Cleaning port

It is easy to release the dirty oil and the oil tank is easy to clean. 

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