HP-5 Small volume hand plastic piston small portable manual pump

Short Description:

HP-5 is a hand pump with a small piston structure (oil tank volume: 0.5L). The piston hand pump can accurate discharge oil and easy to adjust. A check valve is provided to prevent the discharged oil from flowing backwards. The pump is equipped with three pressure rod methods, left hand (L) pressure rod, right hand (R) pressure rod and middle (M) pressure rod. The oil outlet diameter is 4MM. Easy to install. Save energy and protect the environment clean. Matching distributor: PV series coupling body. Supporting measuring parts: FHA.FHB series Using oil viscosity: 32-250cst Note: in order to avoid pump Parts are damaged. HP-5 type can press the handle only one time when oiling, after the oil supply is finished (the handle is self-recovering), then can be taken the next action .

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Model No. Product code  Standard flow  Volume  Standard Working Pressure (Mpa) Lubrication point   Using oil viscosity Outlet  Handle 
HP-5 10502/L 2-7   Ml/cyc (can adjusted) 0.5L 0.3Mpa with length of 15m, height of 3m and with 15 lubricating points. 32-250cst      Left /Middle /Right 
10502/M M8*1 (For 4mm pipe )

The working principle :
Hand pump handle pull down for oi absorption process .
Handle reset for discharge process.
Suitable for a day oil supply 1-2 times , 1 week Several times,

Performance and characteristics:
The pump is a piston pump. When the handle is pressed down, the oil is sucked into piston cavity. When the handle is recovered, with the function of the spring force, oil in the piston pipe is drained. The pump can form a centralized lubricating system by combining with the resistant distributor, and is applicable for lubricating with length of 15m, height of 3m and with 15 lubricating points.

HP-5 hand pump products are widely used for various lathe, pressure machine, milling machine,CNC machine tools, machining centers, production lines, machine tools, forging, textiles, plastics, woodworking, rubber, metallurgy, construction, printing, casting, automobiles, food , grinder, complex machine, special machine and other machinery and equipment in various industries Lubrication system.

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