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A grease filer is an important unit to purify the lubricant of whole system, by which the lube points get clean grease. At the same time, the pump unit, divider and other units in system are protected from contaminated grease damaging

we normal install the grease  filter on  the progressive centralized lubrication system.

Model No. Product code Standard Pressure (Mpa) Filtration accuracy Inlet /outlet thread Grease scope
GLF 1-110501     25 100μm Rp1/4 NIGI 000-2#
ELS 2-110501 150μm



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Model: EL S
Working pressure: 25Mpa
Filter fineness: 1 50um
ELS is a grease filter , which can effectively remove impurities in grease and ensure the cleaning of oil in lubricating system .lt does not have the blocking alarm function, theadvantage is small volume , easy to install.

1.The grease filter can effectively filter out groceries and foreign objects mixed in the lubricating medium to ensure that the lubricating medium in the entire lubricating system is clean and effective.

2.According to the different structure and filtering precision, it is divided into 100um and 150um.The filters GFL and ELS have different accuracy, ELS is smaller and lower cost.

3.The former is an aluminum alloy shell with mesh filter element, while the latter is a cast steel shell with bronze powder sintered filter element.

 4.Suitable for grease lubrication system

5.It can be installed at the front end of the oil pump refueling port, and fill the lubrication pump through the refueling gun through the oil filter.  

 6.It can be installed between the lubrication pump and the distributor.

7.Used to remove or prevent impurities from mixing into the lubricating system.


Model No. Product code  Standard Pressure (Mpa) Filtration accuracy  Inlet /outlet thread Grease scope
GLF 1-110501 25 100μm Rp1/4 NIGI 000-2#
ELS 2-110501 150μm


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Automatic lubrication pump, electric lubrication pump, pneumatic lubrication pump, manual lubrication pump, grease pump, progressive distributor, quantitative distributor, pipe connector, metering unit, high pressure nylon hose, high pressure pipe etc.
These products are widely used in robot, cutting machine tools, forging machine, plastic machine, CNC machine tools, construction machinery, vehicles, metallurgical machinery, textile machinery, printing  machinery, woodworking machinery, chemical machinery, mining machinery and other industrial machinery.

We always install  in grease lubrication system 

Progressive Lubrication System(PRG)

Progressive lubrication systems consist of a lubricator, progressive distributors, pipeline accessories and controllers. Features include: accurate metering of volume depending on piston diameter and stroke, easy installation, adjustment and maintenance. The PRG system is widely used in mining, steel mills, metallurgy, vehicles, harbors, construction machinery and other industries. The lubricant used is from NLGI-000 toNLGI-2, while system pressure ranges from 20 to 45Mpa. The filter element is 150μ.The progressive distributor is divided into two kinds of distributors: a center progressive distributor and a model progressive distributor. There is a choice of segment combinations, effectively ranging from periodic to near continuous lubrication.

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