Electric Grease Centralized Lubrication Pump

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The POLY  lubricator is designed especially for various applications. It can work at severe condition to providing proper lubrication. Simply service and durability is her distinguishing character. The lubricator can reach a high protect grade to IP65.

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In order to meet the lubrication requirements of construction machinery, our company has developed a series of centralized lubrication system products  , so that lubrication points in construction machinery that require lubrication, especially inconvenient to manually fill grease, can be fully and reliably lubricated regularly and quantitatively. To reduce the wear and tear of components, improve work efficiency, reduce the failure and damage of mechanical equipment parts caused by poor lubrication, maximize the service life of equipment, and effectively protect our environment.


.  l  There are 1 or 6 built-in pump units equipped on the compact lubricator. It can work with progressive dividers to supply grease to lube points, or lube the points directly by built-in pump units without dividers. This is an economical way to save the cost and service expenses. And higher reliability is available on the same time.

.  l  Safe valve and pressure gauge are optional accessories for each outlet,which can monitor the whole lubricating system.

.  l  A sealed plastic shell covers the main electrical elements, and provides good protection to against severe conditions.

.  l  The pump unit can provide precise discharge volume to different lubrication requirement.

.  l  Various optional power voltage for different customer demand : 24VDC, 220VAC/50Hz、380VAC/50Hz, etc.


System composition

The progressive centralized lubrication system is mainly composed of a lubrication pump, a progressive distributor, a control device, a pipeline and a pipe joint.


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How the system works

The system power is turned on, and the programmable controller turns the lubrication pump on or off periodically according to the needs of the equipment being lubricated. The lubricating grease is pumped to the distributor through the pipeline, and the distributor is distributed according to the amount of grease at each lubrication point, and then delivered to each lubrication point through the sub-pipe. At the same time, the program controller monitors the working condition of the distributor to ensure the normal operation of the system.

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Working Principle Of Pump

After the motor is decelerated by the worm gear, the eccentric wheel is continuously driven to rotate counterclockwise. The eccentric pushes the plunger back and forth to pump and pump grease, while the check valve integrated in the pump unit prevents grease from being drawn back from the main line. The rotation of the oil scraper can press the lubricant into the suction area of the pump unit and effectively discharge the air bubbles

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. Check the reservoir periodically and refill clean grease with special tool.

. Check all connecting parts to make sure there is no leakage in the system.

. Please clear the grease from the pipes before the equipment is shut down for a 
long time.

. If there is no grease pressure from the outlet when the motor running, please 
check the pump unit as following:

.    Loose the pump unit with a wrench;

.   Screw off the adjust nut (part 1) from the pump unit with a screwdriver;

.   Take out the check valve parts 2-5 one by one;

.   Clearing each check valve parts and the piston with kerosene or diesel 
oil (note: gasoline is forbidden here considering of the seal rubber);

. Reassemble the parts after cleaning up.

.  Clear the check valve periodically as above steps.


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