Chain lubricating small brush

Short Description:

Lubricant Brush

Good helper for chain lubrication

Complete specifications for oil discoloration prevention and oil cooling

Name: Small brush 

Material: nylon brush head/aluminum alloy brush body

Structure: bristles + body
Applicable temperature: -10°C-70°C
Application field: Lubricate the chain regularly





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It can be used for lubricating oil brush, chain oil brush, oiling machine oil brush, machine tool guide rail lubrication nylon brush, escalator oil brush, machine tool brush.

Main  charateristics

Use a brush to regularly refuel the inner and outer chain plates at the loose side of the chain, 8 hours/Time
The quantity and period of oil should be sufficient to prevent the lubricating oil at the chain loop from discoloring.
In the high speed range (U greater than 5m / s);In the low speed range (U less than 1m / s)
When the speed is extremely high, fill lubricating oil to reduce temperature by force .Temperature should not exceed 70 °C.


Lubricating oil brush. Principle of use.
Threaded connection oil outlet
The lubricating oil evenly seeps out from the brush, and the chain is oiled.

Material : Nylon Brush 
Working Temperature :  -10℃-70℃


Type  Describtion 
 YS-4-A  Iinner therading M8*1
YS-4-B 4mm Oil tube connector +Double cone oil tube Sleeve 
 YS-4-C Outer threading M8*1
YS-6-A  Iinner therading M1O*1
YS-6-B  with 6mm connector +Double cone oil tube Sleeve 
YS-6-C  Outer threading M10*1

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